Review:Sacred Rest

         `Sacred Rest` is a Christian living book by author Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. I think the author was motivated to write this book on rest because much of America's culture is rush, rush, rush. Even while sleeping our minds could still be at work, instead of rest, which makes us feel fatigued throughout the day. So many people turn to stimulants to keep them awake.

        `Sacred Rest`  is a 30-day journey on resting the body, mind, and spirit. If we don't rest our bodies we are sure to burn-out. Part one uses stories, research, reflection, and application as tools to understanding rest. Part two discusses the spiritual side of rest and part three is the Promises of Rest. I decided to review this book to learn about the spiritual side of rest.

        At the back of the book is a `Personal Rest Deficit Assessment` tool. This tool is used to define what type of rest you need. Seven of the twenty-five chapters in the book are each dedicated to a type of rest. So the reader should take the tools test so they can learn which rest they most need. I took the test and found my results to be accurate. The chapter that dealt with my type of rest was most helpful. If the reader wants a more in-depth test result they may take the assessment test online at another website mentioned in this book is

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Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."


Sandee said…
When I was working I didn't sleep much. I was one of those folks that always got ask to do stuff. I had too much work, but I got it done. Now that I'm retired I've learned to rest, to do whatever makes me feel good. Read, nap, rest, enjoy the world around me. It's delightful.

Have a blessed day, Michelle. ♥

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