Review: Let Love Spring

        `Let Love Spring` is a historical inspirational fiction book written by three authors: Jodie Wolfe, Sandy Faye Mauck, and Linda Shenton Matchett.

        The first story is `An Angel for the Cowboy (Jodie Wolfe)`. The year and setting are February 14, 1876, Burrton Grove, Kansas. A mail order bride, a man who looks like his criminal cousin, and three sisters sharing the same house. Wondering, exactly who is Judah Steale?

        The second story is `Spring Recaptured (Sandy Faye Mauck)`. The year and setting are the Town of Springdale, 1907. A secret that could not be divulged, a widow with a child, a lonely aunt, and a jealous ex-boyfriend. They have a chance at a new life, a life like spring.

        The third story is `A Love Not Forgotten (Linda Shenton Matchett)`. The year and setting are Colney Heath, England, 1946. War casualties, a plane crash, and a vet with amnesia.

        I love books like these where the reader can hear from more than one author and learn how they write. It encourages the reader to pick up another book by their favorite author(s). The thing I enjoyed most about this book is that the stories are clean, wholesome, and can be read as stand-alone. Even though the reader may find these short, simple reads they are also exciting. For example, what was the secret in `Spring Recaptured`, making it a page-turner?  And the last story, `A Love Not Forgotten` ended with an unforgettable twist.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions are my own."


Sandee said…
These are my kind of books. You do put me on to some new authors. Thank you for that.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

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