Q & A with author Linore Burkard

          It is my pleasure to have author Linore Burkard visit my blog today. Linore is the author of the Pulse Effex series.                        Please give her a warm welcome as you read her interview. Thanks!

Q & A with Linore Burkard:

(1) Besides being an author, what other goals do you have?
 I am goal-oriented. I write out yearly and monthly goals, so I have quite a few! They range from gardening and home improvement, health, and diet, to Bible study and character growth.  I try to cover all the major areas of life. Each year my focus may laser in on something different than the year before, but I keep lists to stay on track. I pray hard about goals and then move towards them, counting on God for his help and direction.   

 (2) What's your least favorite household chore?
Washing windows. I'm just not good at it—I always leave streaks. After that would be bathroom cleanup. (I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if my kids ever did a great job at that, without needing me to finish it.) 

(3) Favorite vacation story?
Before we had kids, my husband and I were returning from vacation in upstate New York to Long Island one summer day in his old Ford Escort. It was hot, the car had no air conditioning, and then we broke down in the middle of nowhere. We were near an exit ramp (thank you, Lord!) and walked to the nearest town, the name of which was Pleasant ______. We were able to find someone to tow the car to a station, but we were stuck there overnight because the station was closed. People stared at us as though we were aliens from another planet, the motel room was hot and dingy, and I felt trapped. When finally we drove off the following afternoon, it was with immeasurable relief. So I've never forgotten my unpleasant stay at Pleasant ________.     

(4) Favorite first line of a book (any book):
I like the three most famous opening lines in literature.
1."Call me Ishmael." (Moby Dick)
2. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." (A Tale of Two Cities)
3. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." (Pride and Prejudice)

(5) What are the things you love most about your protagonist(s) in your book Defiance?
I love how normal they are despite the extreme circumstances they find themselves in. The girls are still teens, vocal about their complaints and their hopes while coping with adult-sized problems. The circumstances cause them to grow, but we never feel they aren't as human and flawed as the rest of us. They stay true to who they are even when life forces hard choices and actions upon them.  

 (6) Just for fun, what are you reading?
I read books in spurts, usually four or five at a time, depending on what I'm in the mood for on a given night. (If one is truly enjoyable or compelling, I'll finish it all at once though.) On my Kindle, I recently finished Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isleand Real Messages from Heaven. I have bookmarks in at least three other books. I read a great deal more non-fiction than fiction. 

 (7) Do you have kids? Grandkids? Pets?
I have five children, all of whom are home, (or back home). My husband and I are trying to wait patiently for grandkids!  I have a Shorkie (Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix) who is a whiz at learning to do tricks, and we have three cats that, honestly, I only tolerate. (They've learned NOT to sit on my side of the bed. For some reason, they each had an enormous propensity to sit right near my pillow. That's a no-no.)

(8) Do you prefer to write by hand, on a typewriter, or on a computer?
Definitely a computer. I've done all three—my earliest manuscripts were typewritten, and I've scribbled scenes on napkins and envelopes. But a computer is by far the best for me. I'll change a sentence while I'm still writing it and edit it three times before moving on. Only a PC gives me the ability to change the words nearly as fast as my mind does.

(9) Are you faithful to a genre or author (liking one particularly well)?
Whenever I'm asked this question I seem to think first of my childhood favorite authors, like Eleanor Estes and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  But it's no secret among my friends that I'm partial to nineteenth-century authors like Jane Austen and Dickens. Other favorites are C.S. Lewis, James Herriot, and poets like Frost and Langston Hughes. The biggest influence for my writing regency novels was Georgette Heyer. Nearly all of her novels are favorites. (But I assiduously avoid most modern regencies—with the exception of Emily Hendrickson.)

Author Bio:
Linore Rose Burkard wrote a trilogy of genuine regency romances for the Christian market before there were any regencies for the Christian market. Published with Harvest House, her books opened up the genre for the CBA. She also writes YA Suspense/Apocalyptic fiction as L.R. Burkard. Married with five children, she home-schools her youngest daughter, teaches workshops for writers, and is a writing conference coordinator.  Her latest  PULSE EFFEX SERIES, takes readers into a "chilling possible future for America, while affirming the power of faith into the darkest of times."
PURCHASE LINK for PULSE: http://amzn.to/1JYR0Qg
For RESILIENCE: http://amzn.to/2112d6
For DEFIANCE: http://amzn.to/2rnmddh

Thank you, Michelle!

Thanks for stopping by, Linore!

I enjoyed reading your answers a few of them sound like I would have answered them.  
We have three grown men, still living at home. Wondering if we will ever see Grandchildren.
Maybe they will learn to clean their bathroom, one day  :)

I love Laura Ingalls Wilder books.


Sandee said…
What a great interview. It's so good to get to know an author better. This is one way to do so. My favorite question? Number 4.

Have a fabulous day, Michelle. ☺
Michelle F said…

I agree #4 is really good.
I have heard #2 quoted several times but didn't know where it came from.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hi Michelle - I am stopping by since you visited my blog this week too. I love your interview with Linore - how fun to get a glimpse of her and her life from your questions. I especially like #8 - I prefer to write by hand, but then I have to add the extra step of typing it out, but sometimes the old fashion way of doing things makes it easier for my thoughts to pour out and not have to wait on my typing fingers to catch up to my brain... I am a very slow typer. LOL This book series is interesting and something I am going to look into for my reading list while on vacation in a few weeks. Yay! Thanks again

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Michelle F said…

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.
If I remember I will check out your link-up and thanks for inviting me.