Review: Five Ways to Cook Asparagus

        I was attracted to this book because of the title. `Five Ways to Cook Asparagus` is a cookbook written by author Peter Miller.

        The Table of Contents is divided into 5 main parts, plus a section on essential skills and one on menus. Each recipe uses ingredients the seasoned cook probably already has at home. The epilogue features Cleaning Up (detailed cleaning). This cookbook is for the busy mom, or dad, who thinks they don't have time to cook. Be sure to check out this book before you make that next stop at the drive-thru for supper.

        I am reviewing the Kindle version of this book and find the format well laid out, however, the print is very little and sometimes hard to read. I would prefer to have a print copy. I cook from recipes most of the time and this book would help me learn to improvise.

        Peter Miller's first book, `Lunch at the Shop`, was made for preparing lunch meals, this book is for cooking supper meals. There are several photos throughout the book that break up the monotony of a well-versed book. It takes inspiration to make a good meal and the author states he is not trying to make anything simpler, he is trying to make it possible and pleasurable.

        The ingredients list in the recipes are written in both standard and metric. The directions are written in paragraphs just like a novel, with plenty of information. This cookbook is unlike most cookbooks in that it is written like a novel to be read.

I recommend this cookbook to all seasoned cooks.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this ebook. All opinions are my own."

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