Review: Let Food Be Your Medicine

         `Let Food Be Your Medicine` written by author Don Colbert, MD uses a modified Mediterranean Diet to help the reader make healthy choices to prevent or reverse several diseases. I chose this book to review because I have several health problems I am hoping to decrease. I also like the bright color scheme of the cover, so inviting!

        There are two sections to this book. Section one the reader begins searching for answers to their health problems. The second section is where the reader learns to apply the modified diet. The layout of section two is to focus on one disease per chapter.  While focusing on a particular disease the reader is given suggestions of what, and what not, to eat. Also, how to prepare healthier meals.

        In the appendix, there is a 21-day meal plan which includes 3 small snacks per day. The meals include most food Westerners will eat. The meals are well organized and easy to read. Also of interest to the reader may be the lists of `The Dirty Dozen` (fruits/veggies higher in amounts of pesticides) and `The Clean Fifteen` (fruits/veggies lower in pesticides).

        I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to change their eating habits.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."