Review: The Way of Grace

        `The Way of Grace` is the third novel in the Miller's Creek series written by author Cathy Bryant. The female protagonist, Grace, is an attorney who wants nothing more than to see the bad guys behind bars. Elena is an attorney with money in abundance.

        Grace wanted to stay on Elena's good side since Elena was her mentor. Under the tutelage of Elena Grace hoped to be the next great attorney. However, was Grace caught in something bigger than herself? Something potentially dangerous? If you let someone get away with wrong behavior is that showing mercy? Elena had something to hide, but what? Why did she want to discredit Grace? Would Grace ever be able to work as an attorney again?

        After two years of waiting, Matt was still in love with Grace, but Grace wasn't sure she loved him back.

        The enemy likes to cause discord and strife among God's people, he is the enemy of our soul. But, Christ is the ultimate advocate for those who belong to Him. (see page 302-Kindle). Chapter five gives the best analogy of salvation I have ever heard.

        I recommend this book to fans of mystery and suspense.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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