Review: The Bridge from OneDayBow

        `The Bridge from OneDayBow` is a complete trilogy written by Kathy M. Warden. It is an inspirational Christian fiction tale. This trilogy is a modern day parable written in rhyme. The author's hope is that as the reader finishes the book they will be encouraged in their faith as it points to the Good News found in John 3:16.

        Part one is about salvation, part two is where Tim, the protagonist, learns he must stand guard against the tempter, Natas, while learning to trust the Son and the King of OneDayBow. He learns he can be tempted by the tempter, as well as his own flesh. Also when tempted he has a mediator that can put him back in right standing with the King. HereAndNow is the place where the tempter lives alongside the people. HereAndNow belongs to the Tempter and OneDayBow belongs to the King. Those who choose OneDayBow must be released by the Tempter.

        In part three the people continue to collect bobbles (trinkets) hoping they will earn their way into OneDayBow. The Son sends Tim to HereAndNow to tell the people that the game they are playing, with the bobbles, is untrue. There is no real security in any worldly thing. Lasting hope can only come from trusting in the King.

        This book is simple enough for a young teen to read and understand, yet engaging enough to keep an adult interested. There are illustrations throughout the book that help in visualizing the parable. This book reminds me of Pilgrims Progress (John Bunyan), but is different because it's told in rhyming poetry as a parable.

        We are saved only by grace. It has nothing to do with what we have of have not done. It's grace! Today you can choose His cross...tomorrow may be too late. (The Bridge from OneDayBow)

I recommend this book to Seekers and Believers.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this e-book. All opinions are my own."

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