Review: Historical Reliability of New Testament

        `The Historical Reliability of the New Testament` is an apologetics book written by author Craig L. Blomberg. The title suggests there is proof of what is written in the New Testament. The Table of Contents shows this book is written topically. There are fourteen Chapters which subdivide into six major parts: The Synoptic Gospels, The Gospel of John, Acts and Paul, The Rest of the New Testament, Canonicity and Transmission, The Problem of Miracles. These are written without the use of technical language to make for easier reading. Although I still found it somewhat difficult to follow with the parenthesis added to some sentences. This book is written in the belief that the New Testament can be trusted. I agree with this author's point of view.

        Footnotes are used to provide important information. They are extending what the text says. There is also a Name Index at the back of the book with the names listed in alphabetical order.

        This would make a great reference book for homeschoolers and Christian schools.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."


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