Review: Eden Hill

        `Eden Hill` is a historical fiction book of the 1960's written by author Bill Higgs. Bill Higgs is an avid storyteller and husband to author Liz Curtis Higgs.
        The main characters of the novel are Virgil T. Osgood, Cornelius Alexander, and Reverend Eugene Caudill.
        Virgil T. Osgood ran a simple service station, he had a wife (Mavine) and a son (Vee). And he loved fishing! He recently turned 40 and according to the magazine Mavine was reading he may not love her anymore. When actually he had loved her since they met at the ages of 10 & 8.
        Reverend Eugene Caudill was a widower, he still missed her dearly. He even gave sermons on marriage. His wife died on Thanksgiving Day.
        Cornelius Alexander is new in town and is determined to open a new high-tech, state-of-art service station. To the chagrin of Virgil.
        The radio shows listed in the novel are relevant to that era. I can remember the small town we lived in and how we listened to our own Swap`n`Shop.
         Living in a small town with all its quirks I enjoyed reading this novel set in the 1960's. I recommend it to all baby boomers of the 50's and 60's.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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