Review: Gratitude Coloring Journals

        The `Gratitude Coloring Journal` makes a nice gift for a friend. I like the different journaling prompts throughout the book. Some of them make you sit and think before you journal. This book is a prayer and praise book by Living Expressions.
        In the book one side is a devotion to the Lord, the other side is for journaling. The journal has lines for a written journal, as well as pictures and words to color. My favorite is never, never, ever give up! The cover is a beautiful mosaic of color and black/white. There are many theme's throughout the book. Such as, friends, cherish every moment, and Grace changes everything.
        The Gratitude coloring journal also comes with a blank companion book so you can make your own. I recommend this book to fans of adult coloring books.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange of an honest review.

Price            14.99 
Trim Size:
6 x 8  
September 2016