Review: Foraged Flora

       `Foraged Flora` is written by author's Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale. The tagline reads `A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers. There are many colorful photos of plants in this ebook. I did like the photo's, however I did not like I had to scroll at a slow rate. Perhaps someone who has a faster system than I could scroll through the ebook faster. Someone with a slower system may not be able to scroll at all.

        As I read through the pages of flora I think of my mom. She always kept an amazing garden. She would enjoy looking through this ebook and name every single plant as she sees them.

        Although this ebook has 272 pages it's mostly photo's, with very little reading. I would recommend this book to gardeners, flower shop owners, photographers, and artists. The ebook teaches what plants look great together (ex. roses, hydrangea and fennel). Always odd numbers in everything, never even.

        In my opinion, some of the plant vases pictured should have more volume, and some of them are really interesting. There is also a delightful recipe of passion fruit for one person.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this ARC through Net Galley.