Review: Apocalypse Rising

        Apocalypse Rising is a prophecy and end times book written by author Timothy Dailey, PH.D. Timothy Dailey is also the author of `The Paranormal Conspiracy` Apocalypse Rising tells of Chaos in the Middle East, the Fall of the West and other signs of the end times. The author's purpose is to persuade the reader that we are in the end times. This book is divided into 3 parts: Kingdoms of Gog and Magog, The Middle East, and Twilight of the West.

        This is one of those books I just couldn't get into. I did not finish it, however from what little I read I could tell Timothy is a good author. I believe this would make a great book for someone who has advanced knowledge in prophetic and end times studies.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Chosen Books through the Chosen Books blogger program.