Album Review: God's Highway

        I am honored to have the privilege to review music artist Sandra McCracken's album called `God's Highway`. Sandra's newest album features many new songs. The top song is `God's Highway`, which is taken from an old hymnal. God's Highway was completed on a memorable painful day for McCracken and her prayer is this song go on with God's Spirit to bring other's through tough times.
        The instruments have a slow, smooth beat and do not override Sandra's singing. I enjoyed my time in worship and meditation while listening to the MP3's. The songs are short, not cumbersome, and full of meaning. Sandra has a folk-gospel sound influenced by artists like Emmylou Harris and Nora Jones.

        Presently artist Sandra McCracken is traveling on tour with All Sons & Daughters as they travel coast-to-coast. As a child she spent time harmonizing in church choir, accompanying groups on the piano, singing solos, and writing new hymns for her congregation to sing. Today, Sandra is a singer, worship leader, record producer and modern-day hymn writer.

I received review copies of MP3's for my honest review.

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