Review: Priceless (A Novel)

        `Priceless` is a Christian fiction book co-authored by Joel and Luke Smallbone of for King & Country. The narration style is dramatized narration and the setting is a one-time trip cross-country.

        The female protagonist Antonia and her sister Maria are illegal immigrants from Mexico who are trying to survive in America. The male protagonist, James, is trying to make a life for his daughter, Emmy, and himself; after his wife is killed in a car accident. Bills mount up and he can't see a way out so he becomes a drug dealer. Only, the first time lands him in jail and without custody of his daughter. He gets out and wants to begin a fresh life. However, he makes a cross-country delivery carrying undisclosed goods in the back. Later he finds out he is mixed up in sex trafficking two beautiful illegal immigrants. Antonia and Maria came to America to seek good paying jobs, only to find themselves caught in sex trafficking.

        This novel reminds women of their worth and teaches, both men & women, the value of a woman, that they are to be respected and honored.

Disclaimer:  I received `Priceless` complimentary for review

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