Review: Frontier Grit

      `Frontier Grit: The Unlikely True Stories of Daring Pioneer Woman` is authored by Marianne Monson. Several pioneer women are mentioned in this book. I'm not sure if all of them were Christians, but that may be worth investigating. They were all strong-willed women. Women of today can thank them for making our paths straighter.
      Pioneer Nellie Cashman loved everything about pioneering. She was rugged, had a deep devotion to her Catholic religion, and knew what it was like to suffer through poverty and hunger. She had many chances to marry but chose to stay single so she could have opportunity and adventure.
      Aunt Clara Brown was born into slavery in the early 1800's. Clara had a vibrant relationship with her Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. No matter where she was when the spirit moved her to pray she would drop to her knees and pray. She considered her sufferings as nothing compared to what her Lord went through.
      Abigail Scott Duniway was an Oregon Trail Suffragette. It was her sole responsibility to journal the weather, mileage traveled along the Oregon Trail and anything else of interest.
      I learned that some of our ancestors found shelter in abandoned chicken coops. This story makes me wonder if we truly appreciate our modern lifestyles. Are our hopes and dreams much different than our ancestors?
      Although most of this book focuses on social life, political history is also mentioned. Abigail Duniway was the first woman registered to vote and the first female voter in Multnomah County, Oregon. Several stories of grit and determination are told throughout this book. I recommend this book to history buffs, especially those interested in women's issues.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this e-book through Net Galley for my honest review.