Review: America at the Crossroads

        `America at the Crossroads` is a social issues book written by author George Barna. George Barna is founder of Barna Group, a leading research firm that specializes in faith-related surverys. The book's tagline reads, `Explosive Trends Shaping America's Future and What You Can Do About It.` Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NIV). The author's purpose is to inform American's the trend America is taking and what we can do.

        George Barna's comparative data only goes back as far as 1990. He states, `Comparing what is happening today with what took place in 1960 is in many ways irrelevant.` Each chapter has three sections. The first is the summary, the second is Key Facts and the third is titled Outlook and Interpretation. There are 4 main sections to the book: Faith and Spirituality, Government and Politics, Lifestyles and Perspectives, and Standing at the Crossroads. The one I found most interesting is Faith and Spirituality.

        I feel author George Barna is pretty accurate on his chart `Adults Who Say Faith Is Their Highest Priority in Life`. (pg# 28) According to the chart Evangelicals are at the highest with 82%.

       This is an easy read book that I recommend all American's read.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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Aug 2016

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