Review: What Matters Most

        'What Matters Most'  is a contemporary political fiction novel written by author Kellie Coates Gilbert. The female protagonist, Leta Breckenridge, works three jobs to be able to pay for her mom to stay at the Heritage House care facility.

        The major plot of the story is the election of a governor. Either Governor Holiday will stay in office, or Senator Nathan Emerson will take the seat. Governor Holiday is for the high-paid society. Senator Emerson is for the elderly to have good health care and single mothers to afford daycare.

        Leta was not having a good day, not much positive going on. She met Senator Nathan Emerson when she backed her car into his, and she didn't have insurance. She was relieved when Nathan said his insurance will pay for any damages.

        Leta had done a lot of research on care facilities before placing her mom in Heritage House, the best she could find. Even with three jobs she was having a hard time paying her bills. If she doesn't come up with money soon her mom will have to leave the facilities. Her mom has dementia and their roles have changed. Her mom is now the child and Leta, the adult.

        I learned several things from reading this novel. First, the last senses to diminish in a dementia patient is appreciation for food and music. Second, NASCAR has the highest number of dad voters in the country and in the lowest number is soccer mom's.

        This story uses fictional characters to address current, real life issues. This 315 page book is a quick read and I recommend it to caretakers of the elderly and anyone who likes political interest books.


Kellie Coates Gilbert is a former legal investigator and trial paralegal, and the author of A Woman of Fortune and Where Rivers Part. Gilbert crafts her emotionally charged stories about women in life-changing circumstances in Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her husband. Learn more at

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    Disclaimer:  I received `What Matters Most` complimentary for review     

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