Review: Angels

        `Angels` is a Christian living book written by author Jack Graham. The tagline reads, `Who are they, What do they do, and Why it Matters`. The author's position is that angel's are all around us, we only need eyes to see and hearts eager to receive their assistance. In order to write this book Jack used The Holy Bible as his reference.

        I found it interesting that the angels will administer the final judgement. Page 41 says, `They will be the ones separating those who know Christ and those who do not.`

        Angels don't know what it is like to be forgiven, angels don't have a plan for Salvation, and they don't understand grace. Their decision either to follow or forsake God was a one time and permanent event. With that said, this book is more about Jesus than angels.  Angels are very powerful but must never be worshiped (pg# 60). They are here to minister, protect, and comfort us.

        There have been many times in my life when I knew an angel was ministering to me. I could feel the power of the comforting angels at those times.

        If the reader enjoyed this book you may also enjoy James McDonald's book Always True.

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Jun 2016