Review: Words That Heal

        `Words That Heal` was copyrighted in 2015 by Back to the Bible authors Michael Ross and Brian Doyle. The genre is worship and devotions. The topic is how we use our words. Do we heal or harm? The authors' position is to use our words to heal, love and praise God. The context is healing words for the church, healing words for the workplace, healing words for the family, and healing words for the community.  The style is written point-of-view.
         Words said by mean peers can hurt your whole life through. As one who has suffered from words of mean school kids I can attest to that. I would like for at least one school peer to come to me and say, `I am sorry, I was a Bozo`.
         A large percentage of Christians are frustrated with church. Our own family has switched churches several times because we couldn't agree with everything going on in the church.
         In working with co-workers, and bosses, this book suggests `Healing Steps`. Such as, nurture the opposite of pride, examine your heart, ask Christ to help the unkindness of others with the love of God. Included is a section to write down your thoughts. Example, Healing words for my family( and how I plan to use my words).

        Other Chapters talk about `Building a Stress-Less Home`, and `Powerful Words that Open Doors`.  There are several places with helpful tips, also.

         I think this book would make a great self-help, or Christian counseling, book.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this ebook through Net Galley for my honest review.