Review: Mothering by Heart

        `Mothering by Heart` is a book for mom's written by author Cheri Fuller. Author Cheri Fuller says she has not arrived as a parent and there is something in each season. Her children are all adults now and she is still learning as a mother-in-law and a grandmother. She says, "Maybe these ever-changing seasons of motherhood are God's way of continually drawing us to depend on Him and not ourselves. I believe that because the author has been where we are, or at where we are, she is the perfect author to write this book.
          There is a list of nine characteristics parents should know. If you, the reader, feel as you have done everything you know to be right and loving, yet your child is still temperamental maybe you should check out there characteristics. Learn about your child's unique activity level, their response to new situations, or their positive or negative moods. There are several characteristics to learn about and remember each sibling is different. Very few are exactly alike. Throw away the cookie-cutter approach and develop an understanding for each child's uniqueness.
            This book is great for each parent in understanding their own child, but I especially recommend it to the homeschooling parent. At the end of each chapter are `Questions for Reflection` sections. I recommend answering these from your heart, about each of your children. If the reader's child is at a stage the reader can't wait to get through, remember each stage only lasts for a moment.
The tip from Cheri is, `Don't put off joy`.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this ebook through Net Galley for my honest review.
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