Review: Defiance

       `Defiance` is book three in the Regina Shen series, written by Lance Erlick. Book three begins in the year 298 ACM. The theme is for Regina Shen to safely get her sister from Alaska.

        The sun is setting over the beautiful, green mountainside. Temperatures are dropping from a humid 100*. As the Marginals climbed, they failed to rescue her sister from the Federation. A drone buzzed above the tree canopy, waiting for their appearance on their scanners. This part especially reminds me of "Hunger Games' the movie. Making both the movie and this series a must for all Sci-Fi readers. The major theme of this book is political in nature. Meanwhile, Regina is trying to capture DeMarco.
        Regina's body cold hold the cure to help with infertility, since human fertility has collapsed. She will not help the Federation. The Federation did not allow the people to have books, nor learn to read. They are all facing extinction is they can't have more children. Regina, and those traveling with her, wear thermal suits to keep from being detected.

        I felt the good, and the enemy characters, worked well in their roles. There were some exciting twists and turns through the novel. I recommend this book to YA readers.
 Disclaimer:  I received this book free from iRead Book Tours, for my honest review.


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