Review: Sea Rose Lane

Pages 368
ISBN 9780800727543

5.5 x 8.5
Pub. Date
Jun 2016

    `Sea Rose Lane` by Irene Hannon is a Hope Harbor novel.  The genre is fiction/contemporary romance. The topic  is come home to Hope Harbor where hearts heal and love blooms. The intended audience is the author's niece, Catherine Hannon, as she graduates 8th grade.
       The town of Hope Harbor is small enough for everyone to know anyone. Eric Nash is the new person in town. Eleanor Cooper is an elderly lady who is pondering going to an assisted living housing. She can't get around as well as she could. However, she has no complaints, she has had a happy and rewarding life. 
       Luis is an immigrant from Cuba. I learned , unlike other immigrants from Latin countries,  once Cubans set foot on American soil they are protected as refugees. They get Green cards, have access to government benefits and within a year can become permanent legal residents. (pg 87).
       Luis and his wife, Elena, wanted a family, but they wanted to raise their children in a land of political freedom and economic opportunity, America offered both. They had planned their escape for years (pg 88). Luis came to America, Elena tried, but didn't make it alive. Because of the way he was treated in Cuba and in America he wanted to commit suicide. He became a doctor in Cuba, but wasn't allowed to practice In America. When he came to America he could only get menial jobs, never sure how long the job would last, or if he could find another job.
       There are at least three plots in this novel. (1) The life of a Cuban refugee, (2) The War Between the North and the South, (3) Was it time for Eleanor to go to assisted living housing?

Question: What could drive a man to suicide? How can a loved one help the suicidal person? When is it appropriate to get involved in someone else's business?

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