Review: Resilience

Book Details for Book 1:

Book Title:  Regina Shen:  Resilience (Book 1)
Category:  YA fiction, 227 pages
Genre:  Sci-fi / adventure / dystopian
Publisher:  Finlee Augare Books
Release date:  March 2015
Content Rating:  PG
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Book Description: 

Regina Shen is an outcast forced to fend for herself in a world that bans books and artifacts from before the Great Collapse. An approaching storm could be the least of her problems. The World Federation condemns Regina and her family to live on the seaward side of barrier walls. Those walls were built to hold back rising seas caused by abrupt climate change and as a place to dump outcasts.

      `Resilience` is the first book in an action-packed, science fiction, young-adult, series by author Lance Erlick.The Federation are the evil rulers. The people under the Federation are known as Marginals. Women within the Federation could only have children if they obeyed. The Federation dumbed down the Marginals, they were not allowed to read books.

      Regina Shen, the protagonist, wanted to learn, she loved her teacher  and sought ways to stay after school so she could continue to learn. Three years prior, The Great Collapse threatened to destroy civilization. Regina hoped to one day cross the Great Barrier Wall and leave the swamp.

      This book reminds me of the `Hunger Games`. The setting is fictional and it compliments the characters. The book, `A Tale of Two Cities` is mentioned because both stories tell of hardships and spies.

      Chapter seven ended with a twist, which shook my nerves. I like how Regina took the only resources she could find and turn them into something useful. Example, she tied logs together to make a raft. But, she knew bounty hunters were after her. She could relate to the `Life on the Mississippi` character, Tom Sawyer.

      I felt all the characters fit together well. Example, Mo-Mere was the teacher for Regina and Wendy, Regina was very strong-willed and doesn't always follow what Mo-Mere says.

 Author Bio:

Lance Erlick writes character-driven, action-packed, science fiction thrillers full of twists and turns. He likes to explore intriguing worlds with mostly strong female characters you can relate to, as they are thrust into extraordinary situations. He hopes readers will enjoy his writing as they follow these people overcoming hurdles for those they love. Bio Credit including picture

            The Regina Shen series takes place after abrupt climate change has altered the world with rising seas and flooded coastlines. In fact, a working title for the story was the Atlantis Effect, referring to a sunken civilization and lost history.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from iRead Book Tours, for my honest review.


Sandee said…
Not into science fiction. I just can never wrap my mind around that genre.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Lance Erlick said…
Thanks for the post and the review. As you can see, it is as much an adventure as science fiction.
Michelle F said…
Hi Lance,

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

Happy Day!!

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