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5.5 x 8.5
Pub. Date
May 2016

      `All Summer Long` written by a favorite author of mine, Melody Carlson, is contemporary fiction.I knew from the cover, the title, and the author, that this would be a good book. The theme is a romantic summer in San Francisco. This is book two of a Follow Your Heart series. Book one is Once Upon a Summertime, book three is due to be published in summer 2017.
      The female protagonist, Tia D'Amico is tired of making pasta day after day, she wants excitement. She wants to move to San Francisco. The D'Amico's live in Norton, Washington where they run the family Italian Restaurant. It was Tia's job to make pasta. All kinds of pasta: fettuccine, rigatoni, ravioli, and others. She went to culinary art school to do more than make pasta. Her uncle did not approve of her opinion of going to school. He says, "He could have taught her everything she knows now. There is no need to have spent her dad's hard earned money.
      As a summer get-a-way Tia helped refurbish a boat. Which was quiet detailed.  Tia met her high school sweetheart, Leo Parker, after several years, and they refurbished the boat together. Leo is soon to be engaged to Natalie, who I did not like. She was too uppity-up, always wanting things her way regardless of her fiancee`. Tia is my favorite, adventurous one.
      This novel seemed to have a lot of rabbit trails, which sometimes made it hard to follow. I felt I was reading in circles.
      I would recommend this book to YA readers.

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