Guest Post: Béla’s Letters by Jeff Ingber

Publication Date: 
February 18, 2016
Paperback; 596 Pages

ISBN: 978-0985410025
Genre: Historical Fiction

In February 2016, after five years of research and writing, I self-published “Béla’s Letter’s.” A historical fiction novel spanning eight decades, it revolves around the life of my father, who was born before the onset of WWI in Munkács, a small city nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. (Although Dad technically was born in Hungary, he proudly considered himself a Czech. In 1919, when he was six years old, following World War I and the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the region surrounding Munkács was encased within the newly established Republic of Czechoslovakia.) The book tells of the struggles of my dad and his extended family, as well as my mom (who was born and raised in Budapest), to comprehend and prepare for the Holocaust, the implausible circumstances that those who survived endured before reuniting in the New World, and the crushing impact on them of their wartime experiences.