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Review: Having a Martha Home the Mary way

Author Sarah Mae helps readers get their home and heart in order in just 31 days. She, her husband, and their kids live in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania. This book is for everyone who needs to know that being a good homemaker has less to do with a clean home and more to do with loving others well. I like the quote, "I don't have to do better or be better, I just need to walk faithfully with my God as He molds me."

      Author Sarah Mae knows what it is like to live in clutter. She once had a landlord make an unexpected call and happened to trip on the clutter, she ended up bleeding. This was the beginning of a change for Sarah. I like how the author uses scripture verses throughout the book. Especially at the beginning referencing Mary and Martha.

      There is a `How to Use this Book` section that I do recommend reading. There is a Day `0` reserved for Prep Day. To make sure you have all the materials you need to complete the 31 days.

      This is like…

Review: The English Son

`The English Son` is an Amish/Mennonite book written by Wanda and Jean Brunstter. This book is part one of a six-part series. The male protagonist, Joel, reminds me of the prodigal son. He spends all his inheritance. Will the son see the view from his father and go back before it's too late? It is necessary to read these books in order. Because where one book ends, leaving the reader hanging, the other picks up.
          With the sale of Joel's first product he bought a $200,000 car. He was deceitful to his girlfriend, Kristi. He hid the car from her, which didn't bother him much. Joel is smart, good-looking, and a successful business man. But,he is not a Christian. The job he thought he had, fell through. Now he is having to rustle up some money to pay his bills. Joel had left the Amish way to live as an Englisher. Does he want to return to his Amish family? Will his family accept him after all his lying and conniving?
         The story begins in Akron, Ohio, w…

Review: Bela's Letters

Publication Date: February 18, 2016
Paperback; 596 Pages
ISBN: 978-0985410025 Genre: Historical Fiction
`Bela's Letters` is a historical fiction novel written by author Jeff Ingber. These are letters that will have been preserved for decades.  It's a story of a large Eastern European family torn apart by war the Holocaust and the feelings that haunt them. This novel is dedicated to the author's family members who perished in the Holocaust.
        There is a well laid out graph of the descendants of Kalman and Eszter Ingber, who died at Auschwitz (May 1944). This is a huge book with 556 pages and pictures dispersed throughout the book. There is a detailed selective  timeline, and bibliography, at the back of the novel.
          Hitler is labled the most dangerous anti-Semite since Haman. Did the Jewish covenant with God also protect them against Hitler?
         This novel is based on Bela's letters.  I didn't like how long it was. I believe it could be much short…

Review: They Were Christians

`They Were Christians` is about several influential people of history. One thing they all had in common is they were all Christians. This biography is meant to inspire and entertain the reader as their faith deepens. This book is authored by Cristobal Krusen and is dedicated to Cristobal's father, William A. Krusen, Sr. Cristobal studied English Lit. at Harvard University which brought him up close and personal to many of these people, which makes his writings believable.
      The reader may be familiar with some, but probably not all those mentioned. As the reader opens the pages the first person they read about is Dag Hammarskjold who was killed during one of his peace making trips. He was Secretary General of the U.N. He had a miscegenation relationship. He lived in the south, and many didn't like him because of his relationship. He was one of the first to have a miscegenation relationship, before it was acceptable.
      I was inspired by Florence Nightingale and all she …

Review All Summer Long

ISBN9780800723583Dimensions5.5 x 8.5Pub. DateMay 2016SRP$14.99

`All Summer Long` written by a favorite author of mine, Melody Carlson, is contemporary fiction.I knew from the cover, the title, and the author, that this would be a good book. The theme is a romantic summer in San Francisco. This is book two of a Follow Your Heart series. Book one is Once Upon a Summertime, book three is due to be published in summer 2017.
      The female protagonist, Tia D'Amico is tired of making pasta day after day, she wants excitement. She wants to move to San Francisco. The D'Amico's live in Norton, Washington where they run the family Italian Restaurant. It was Tia's job to make pasta. All kinds of pasta: fettuccine, rigatoni, ravioli, and others. She went to culinary art school to do more than make pasta. Her uncle did not approve of her opinion of going to school. He says, "He could have taught her everything she knows now. There is no need to have spent her dad's hard e…


The Gilded Cage by Judy AlterPublication: April 2016
eBook & Paperback
Genre: Historical Fiction

      `The Gilded Cage` is a historical fiction novel loosely based on the beginnings of Chicago written by Judy Alter. Although it's historical fiction it is also based on the Chicago Fire, Prisoner of War Between the States interred into Chicago, and the explosive growth of wealth in a prairie town.       During the 1850's Chicago became a boom town. Potter Palmer, who built the Palmer House Hotel and owned the Mercantile~in the story), asked to marry the very young Bertha Honore. When her father said, "No", Potter said he would wait until she is older.       Some elements of the author's biography affected her understanding of the topic. Author Judy Alter grew up in Chicago's South Side, in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Her mother took her in rowboats around Wooded Island and she learned to ice skate on the Midway.        Some of the sources the author used are: &q…

A Moment Forever (Liberty Victory Series, Book 1)by Cat Gardiner

A Moment Forever (Liberty Victory Series #1) by Cat Gardiner Publication Date: May 28, 2016 Vanity & Pride Press eBook; 600 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance

In every footlocker, hope chest, and heart full of secrets there is a story waiting to be discovered and told.

In the summer of 1992, a young writer is bequeathed the abandoned home of a great-uncle she never knew. The house has a romantic history and is unlike any home she has ever seen. Juliana Martel felt as though she stepped into a time capsule—a snapshot of 1942. The epic romance—and heartache—of the former occupant unfold through reading his wartime letters found in the attic, compelling her on a quest to construct the man. His life, as well as his sweetheart’s, during the Second World War were as mysterious as his disappearance in 1950.

Carrying her own pain inflicted by the abandonment of her mother and unexpected death of her father, Juliana embarks on a journalist’s dream to find her great-uncle and the woman he once…

Review: Vigilance

`Vigilance` is book two in the Regina Shen series written by Lance Erlick. The book starts out in the Richmond Swamps where Regina Shen is pursued by the Department of Antiquities. The genre is sci-fi. The author's position is to save Regina Shen from the Federation. The intended audience is young teens, yet I think older teens and adults will like the series.

      The setting is intended to be fictional, with dramatized narration. The purpose of this series is to entertain. This book captured my attention more that the beginning. The first book was like an introduction to the characters, so don't miss it. This second book begins with the meat of the story. These are not stand-alone books, they need to be read in order. A sub-plot within the book is to find Regina Shen's birth donor.

      I began to sense a closeness to some of the characters and could imagine their feelings as my own. I did not like the referral to evolution and emerging on page 41. I feel they s…

Review: Sea Rose Lane

Pages 368
ISBN 9780800727543

Dimensions5.5 x 8.5Pub. DateJun 2016SRP$14.99