Review: The Quieting

Number of pages
5.5 x 8.5
Pub. Date
May 2016

      `The Quieting` is the second novel in `The Bishop's Family` series, written by Suzanne Woods Fisher. The genre is contemporary romance published in 2016. Two of the main themes in the novel are (1) Mammi finding a husband for Abigail Stoltzfus, and (2) a Quieting - which means a removal of a church leader. It is a rare occurrence when a minister, deacon, or bishop is revoked from ordination. 
      There is a list of Cast of Characters to help in addressing the character. David Stoltzfus is a widow with six children. As I read through the characters I was reminded of Laura Ingall's from `Little House on the Prarie` series. In the Quieting Ruthie Stoltzfus, age 14, has a bit of an attitude just as Laura Ingall's.
      Grandmother Stoltzfus, known as `Mammi the Meddler` believed a woman's part in God's great plan was to be married and pregnant, in that order. My favorite character was Abigail. She liked to organize items according to likeness; legumes with legumes, coffee cups in the cabinet above the coffee maker and arranging books by authors name.
      I learned that blackberries always have a white core, whereas black raspberries are hollow in the center, just like raspberries.(pg 35) and black raspberries are less sour than blackberries (pg 36). I also found it interesting that we get some of our oil from the Amish. However, in my review of `A Dream of Miracles` (Ruth Reid) the Amish refused to sell their land for oil. In this novel `The Quieting` selling land to drill for oil is more acceptable. I also learned salt water is ten to thirty times saltier than ocean water (pg 170). 
       I recommend this book to all readers of Amish novels.

Disclaimer: I was compensated with this book for my honest opinion.

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