Review: Restore My Soul

Trim Size:
9.75 x 9.75  
April 2016 

      `Restore My Soul` is an adult color book by Ann-Margret Hovsepian. At first glance many adult color books seem expensive. However, since these are adult coloring books it's much more than a color book. Different books offer different things, such as hidden pictures within the hand-drawn picture and each book could take hours to color.
      `Restore My Soul` is more than a color book, it is also a devotional book. One page has a devotional, including a snippet of the author's personal stories. The opposite page has a hand-drawn coloring picture with words to meditate on that pertain to the devotional. The artist is also invited to create their own artwork on pages at the back of the book. All of the artwork would look great in frames. 
      Although the paperweight is of good quality, it has been my experience not to use permant markers in these books, because the ink bleeds through.

Disclaimer:I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from Tyndale Publishers.