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#Pages 352

5.5 x 8.5
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Feb 2016



        "The Red Door Inn" is a contemporary romance novel written by Liz Johnson. The female protagonist, Marie Carrington, and male protagonist, Seth Sloane, must work together to renovate his uncle's B&B. This is the first book in the Prince Edward Island Dreams series. Any use of scripture is from The Holy Bible (NKJV). At 346 pages this light-hearted, funny novel will keep the reader's attention. It would make a great weekend or summertime read.
      Seth's Uncle Jack believes Marie is just a woman down on her luck. Seth thinks there's more to it than that. In fact, he thinks she's sneaky in getting what she wants. Could he earn her trust while trying to figure her out? At church there is only a handful of parishioners and those were of the elderly. The B&B needed a woman's touch and Jack knew it, even if Seth didn't. Seth was sure Marie wanted something from them, although Jack truly trusted her.
      Marie and Seth have both been through the bitterness of loving someone and then losing them. Could they allow themselves to love again? Jack is trying to do what Rose, his deceased wife, wanted and that was to open a B&B. However, he is running out of time and money. Will he be able to open in May, only two months away.
      I think this book has a great cast of characters who fit together well. I learned that red doors are a sign of welcome, an invitation. Years ago during harsh Canadian blizzards, red doors helped stranded travelers find safety and protection from the storm. (pg 265) I recommend this novel as a summertime read for all women.

Question: Did you know that little tidbit about red doors?

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Disclaimer: I was compensated with this book for my honest review.
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