Review: A Son's Vow

    'A Son's Vow' is a fictional Amish novel written by Shelley Shepard Gray. There are insights, interviews, recipes, and more in this novel. I am especially interested in the recipes since I enjoy cooking. Also, the novel as a whole interests me since I have son's. The second novel in ' The Charmed Amish Life' series is to be published under the title 'A Daughter's Dream' in May 2016.
    The novel opens to a lively ' Welcome to Charm, Ohio's map. There are roads, houses shops, a goat eating someone's plant; among other good tidbits. I am reading some heavy books and this book looks inviting and fun. However, sadly, the novel opens with talk of a fatal accident at the local mill.
    The beginning setting is a pale blue sky, lush green farmland. Spring lambs have arrived and frolicking in the fields with eager bleating of anticipation of Spring. The type of day that reminds the reader God is alive and real. This type of day does not ring true that there was a fatal accident at the local mill just 100 days before. The female protagonist, Darla Kurtz, father is blamed for causing the accident. Unfortunately he was one of the fatally wounded. Darla is reminded of her dad's guilt almost daily. Will she ever be able to move on? One thing in her favor is her constant smile.

Question: Is it our duty to grant forgiveness whether the person asks for forgiveness or not?

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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