Review: Beyond The Silence

     'Beyond the Silence' (Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse) opens with violence. The female protagonist, Lillian Porter, is leaving her hometown and headed to Angels Camp, California; for a nanny position. After Lillian's grandmother passed away her grandfather, who is usually doting and kind, turned into a beast. Before her grandmother passed, her last words were to tell Lillian to follow her dreams. Lillian's dream was to follow the will of the Lord.
      As I delve into this novel I am really not sure what it's about. It does not give a clue, which is good. I am sure there will be lots of twists and turns. 'Beyond the Silence' is a heavy novel to read. Almost had me in tears from the get-go. So the reader may want to keep tissues handy. I like the resolve of the characters to never give up no matter how grim things may seem, or be, they never give up. Even though there is violence I believe the authors intent is to bring the characters, and readers, close to God. I had to laugh when there was mention of some boys needing their mouths washed out with soap. I remember the day I had my mouth washed out, something that usually is not done these days.
     I recommend this book to readers who love a handicapped person, or enjoys historical fiction.

Disclaimer: I received the book 'Beyond the Silence' from Litfuse Publishers for my honest review.

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Sandee said…
Families can look one way to the rest of the world but they can look entirely different to those that live in that family. I can relate to that from my childhood.

Have a fabulous day. ☺