Review: Through Waters Deep (Book One)


           Sabotage on the Atwood. Riveting WWII adventure. `Through Waters Deep` written by author Sarah Sundin. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. President Roosevelt calls Charles Lindbergh a defeatist, because Lindbergh rallys and says, "The only way to save our country is not to fight."
             At the introduction of Jim Avery and Archer Vandenberg, in `Through Waters Deep`, I tried to reason whether either one was the culprit of suspense. Was it one of them or neither of them. Mary Stirling has a secret spy skill, known only to Americans.
             It appears there is more than one story in this novel. I wish the story-line would have followed only one problem at hand. Than the twists and turns throughout the book.However, since this is book one of the Waves of Freedom series it may make more sense as the novels develop. I reviewed a Christmas book co-authored by Sarah Sundin and found it to be amazing.
             At this point I am not sure who to recommend this book to. Most certainly I would recommend it to History buffs, although there was no sabotage at the Boston Navy Yard and the USS Atwood is fictitional.

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The second in this series will be available Summer 2016.

 Disclaimer: I was compensated with this book for my honest review.