Review: Think Like Heaven

             Author Bob Hazlett's ideas are clear and concise. As he compares God to time. Bob says, `We cannot see God with our natural, physical eyes...we cannot see time or hold it in our hands, but we see its effects.
               The theme of `Think Like Heaven` is a prophetic reality based on Kingdom truth (pg 19). The genre is Spiritual Growth. This quote from page (73) sums up the book. "When the accuser tells us to hide, we know better than to listen to him. We know that we are not called to be ashamed; we are called to climb up on Daddy's chair."
              At the end of each chapter are in-depth "Thinking of Heaven" study questions. Great for individual or group study. Each participant could use one day to think about and ponder each question for that week. I am not sure everyone would agree with all the author's objectives. Such as speaking in tongues when you don't know what to pray. Personally, I have not come to a definite conclusion about speaking in tongues.
               Although I didn't agree with everything the author states, I do believe it's a book well written.
Disclaimer: I received this book complimentary for review.


Sandee said…
There are many paths to the same destination. I've always believed that. I think each church is a bit different, but the path leads to the same place.

Have a blessed weekend. ☺