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                "At Any Cost" is a personal memoir of a couple who adopted eight siblings from Sierra Leone. Their family is known as, "The Jones Dozen" They already had two young biological boys.  Author's Mike and Hayley Jones gave each child a new name with special meaning. An example is Zion, which means `Jesus returns for His people.' His return will be on Mount Zion.
                  It is amazing how God worked in Mike and Hayley's life. First with their biological children, then with their adopted children. I am reminded how God is working in and through my life.
                  It took three years for the adoption to go through. Most of the book is about the process of adoption. Which may be fine for those going through the adoption process. However, I do wish there would have been a chapter written from the children's point of view.
                 My favorite quote is from page 212. "You don't need a Savior unless you need to be saved from something. You don't need a redeemer unless you need to be redeemed from something. You can't fully experience God without getting refined in the fire by Him, and you will never, ever be the same."

Author Bio:

Mike and Hayley Jones — 
Mike and Hayley Jones already had two biological sons (ages 1 and 5) when they decided the time was right to pursue adoption. After a 3-year process, the family now calls themselves the “Jones Dozen.” all eight adopted children (ranging in age from 6 to 16) are biological siblings, comprised of seven boys and one girl, who came from a family where the father had died and the mother was unable to support the family. the Joneses make their home in Thompson Station, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.

I received this book complimentary for my honest review from Worthy Publishing.


Linda Kay said…
You are right that a children's point of view would have been good. I'm always moved by stories of people who make such incredible sacrifices for the lives of children.
Sandee said…
What a great couple they are. Bless them and their family. So touching.

Have a blessed weekend Michelle. ☺

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