Review:A Heart's Promise

       "A Heart's Promise" written by Colleen Coble is book five of a Christian romantic suspense series. The year is 1866, Wyoming Territory. May the reader be reminded of booklet four. Emmie Croftner's deceased husband was a bigamist and Emmie has a secret. Rand Campbell knows her secret, would he tell Isaac Liddle? Is Emmie going to continue living in the past or will she love a man again? After being abused by a husband, and pregnant how should she respond? Are men just full of exuberance and flattery, or can they be trusted?
Emmie wonders if God really cares or is He a powerful being looking down on mere mortals with distant interest? Is He actually concerned with the small day-to-day heartbreaks of an ordinary person? Can we actually turn over our whole matters to the God of the universe?
This six month series ends in August. If you, the reader, like this series may I suggest author Tracie Peterson. Her books are great for and reader who likes Christian romance with a bit of suspense.

My Thoughts:
I do like this series, but wish it was all one novel instead of six individual booklets. For reviewing the book(s) I had to look back at the original ones and remind myself of what each plot was about. However, with book six in August I hate to see the characters go. I have grown to like them, especially the protagonist, Emmie. With book four I wondered how things were going to turn out. Be sure to read my final post on the series, "Journey of the Heart" (Colleen Coble), coming in August.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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