Review: A Friend in Me

               Have you ever longed to mentor the younger generation of women? Now, more than ever, it's essential. With divorce at an all time high, with believers and unbelievers, we are just too busy with our own lives. Author Pamela Havey Lau has written a book specifically for women, dealing with women's issues upon finishing this book I feel certain the reader will be ready to either be a mentor or a mentee. Remember, it is up to us to seek out who we need. Remember, we cannot give comfort to others unless we have been comforted first.
                 The topics in this book vary with each chapter. You will find some topics like: Safe Havens, The Power of Comfort, Acting with Understanding... This book was originally written for young women (June 1, 2015)
                   Author Pamela Havey Lau has done her research on the topics in this book. The book holds knowledge, but is simple enough for all women to understand and read.  The reader will learn much from reading the book.  I recommend this book to women who want to be either a mentor or mentee.

Reader Beware: There is a chapter on sex.

*I must admit....I basically skimmed the book*

“Lau shares her heart on each and every page so that readers will be compelled to pray and then get busy loving those young gals in their own circle of influence.” —CBA

Disclaimer: I received `A Friend in Me` complimentary to review.


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