Are You a Grammar Nerd?

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic
Disclaimer: Thanks to Nickolas Baron, Online Partnerships Team Member (Grammarly), for supplying me with the information for this post.  This post is linked to `The Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd`

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Linda Kay said…
Michelle, I'm not a grammar nerd, so to speak, but I do find myself really irritated at the misuse of specific words. Oh well.
Sandee said…
Well, I learned a lot with this post. I'm fair at best, but used to write some great reports when I was working. I've been told that anyway and by people in high places.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Amanda Holmes said…
While I enjoy writing, I wouldn't call myself a Grammer Nerd, since I know I mess up.;) My husband is a Grammer Nazi though, mistakes quite literally jump off the page and grab his attention.;)
Michelle F said…
Linda Kay,

I tend to get flabbergasted when I see writings without the needed apostrophe. Such as, its for it's.

I lack very much in the grammar arena. So, I just think to my writing in need of `it is` or its? I do still have a lot to learn about grammar. However, I pick up on a lot while reading review books.
Michelle F said…

I can say that for myself, as well.
I did not realize 62% of grammar enthusiasts are women :)
Michelle F said…

The more I get to know you, the more I see we are alike.

My hubby is the Grammar Nerd here. I still have lots to learn.
However, I like to think I pick it up by reading. xoxo
Lisa L. said…
One more grammar nerd here - although I'm quite a bit older than 18-24! But all through that infographic I kept nodding and agreeing. Here's to the Oxford comma!
Michelle F said…
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for visiting and leaving comment luv!

I give...what is the Oxford comma?