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Review: A Heart's Betrayal

"A Heart's Betrayal" ... The year is 1866, the place is Wabash, Indiana. Emmie Courtney's life looked perfect, until the death of a loved one turned life upside-down. The War between the states is over and everyone is celebrating.
              We are presently on book #4, of the `Journey of the Heart` monthly series. Author Colleen Coble wonderfully details the vast array of scenery. It's difficult to follow the storyline month-month, as each novel publishes. I believe longer novels are best for reviews. Otherwise, it seems the reader just gets to the point and the storyline ends, til next time.  However, I do recommend these books to readers who like Christian fiction or those interested in the reconstruction of the U.S.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."

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An Interview with Lynne Gentry

Lynne Gentry (Author)
Author of Return to Exile
Set against the backdrop of the birth of the Christian faith, fear and loss are pitted against the strength of a fledgling faith in Return to Exile (Howard Books/ January 6, 2015/ISBN: 978-1476746364/$14.99). Readers who were left on the edge of their seats after closing the covers of Healer of Carthage will devour this second installment in The Carthage Chronicles and be challenged to examine their own courage in the face of adversity. 
Six years ago, a mysterious time portal forced Dr. Lisbeth Hastings to leave behind the love of her life, not just in another country, but in another time. Her work in the present day, along with parenting her little girl, helps alleviate the pain, but at night when her exhausted head hits the pillow, images of her beloved Cyprian haunt her.
Meanwhile in third-century Rome, Cyprian Thascius comes back from political exile a broken man. He’s lost his faith and the love of his life. He attempts to move on …

Great Laugh!!

Ever wonder why ladies in Regency times had such teeny tiny waists? Because those country dances are a workout! — stephanie landsem (@stephlandsem) June 27, 2015

Update: Travel the World in Books (2)

It has been a while for me to update our progress. Hubby & I finished our second book a while back. Presently, I have laryngitis, so we're listening via audio.
Our 2nd book was:
Behind the Veils of Yemen How an American woman risked her life, family, and faith to bring Jesus to Muslim women. 5* Author: Audra Grace Shelby Setting: Republic of Yemen
`Behind the Veils of Yemen` is another book I would recommend to: Missionaries, Pastors, and Laypeople
Our third book will be Science Fiction/Fantasy.

The Amazing Danis (our first update)

Review: A Friend in Me

Have you ever longed to mentor the younger generation of women? Now, more than ever, it's essential. With divorce at an all time high, with believers and unbelievers, we are just too busy with our own lives. Author Pamela Havey Lau has written a book specifically for women, dealing with women's issues upon finishing this book I feel certain the reader will be ready to either be a mentor or a mentee. Remember, it is up to us to seek out who we need. Remember, we cannot give comfort to others unless we have been comforted first.
                 The topics in this book vary with each chapter. You will find some topics like: Safe Havens, The Power of Comfort, Acting with Understanding... This book was originally written for young women (June 1, 2015)
                   Author Pamela Havey Lau has done her research on the topics in this book. The book holds knowledge, but is simple enough for all women to understand and read.  The reader will learn much from readin…

Prayer That Changed Everything (Tricia Goyer)

Tricia Goyer wrote this book (Prayer That Changed History) to:
highlight a historical person and a moment of prayer;to teach children how to pray;and to discuss prayers through the very words of the people highlighted. (We do not have God's point of view in these stories, but we have the viewpoint of the people [or nation] who prayed, and in their eyes miracles did happen.)As readers of faith, you and I believe in the value and the power of prayer. This is the lens through which we see historical events. This is how the people who prayed saw them. We view history in the way we see the Bible as a platform for God to do is great work, starting first in the hearts of men and women and then through events and circumstances. Thank you for sharing!


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FREE Color sheet for kids

PUSH ~ Pray Until Something Happens


Message of Identity and Worth (Debut Novel)

Debut Novel: Rachelle Dekker Daughter of established author: Ted Dekker
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Praying Upside Down ~ Kelly O'Dell Stanley

List Price: 14.99
ISBN: 978-1-4143-8983-7
Trim Size: 5 1/2 X 8 1/4
Binding: Softcover
Release: May 2015
Christian Life/Prayer

"Praying Upside Down" begins with an account of Kelly O'Dell Stanley selling her house, and God telling her to pray for the next woman that will own the house. Kelly Stanley did not know who would occupy her house, she just knew God told her to pray specifically for the woman.
              On another occasion her friend, Mike, needed prayer for his back and Kelly needed prayer for her knees. So, when one hurt they immediately prayed for the other. Which caused me to think I should pray for my husband's ankle everytime my leg hurt, instead of bemoaning it.
               An upside-down prayer is unconventional, unexpected, unusual but effective. Praying upside-down puts the emphasis on the Christian life and the value of prayer. I believe the author's overall position is that upside-down prayers work. It takes the emphasis off of you and r…

One Minute Sermon


An Interview with Jody Hedlund

1. Why did you write this novel? I wanted to write a series about lighthouses for a number of reasons. First, my state of Michigan is home to the greatest concentration of lighthouses in the U.S. And today more than 120 remain, compared to 500 total for the rest of the nation. Second, I was drawn to lighthouses because I’m fascinated by the women keepers, who have largely been forgotten by our modern world. During the prime lighthouse era, 1800s to early 1900s, most lightkeepers were men. But occasionally women were appointed to the head keeper or assistant keeper position. Michigan has the distinction of having had the most women lightkeepers. During my research, I was thrilled to find a resource that centered on those women keepers—a book by Patricia Majher titled Ladies of the Lights: Michigan Women in the U.S. Lighthouse Service. I loved reading about the approximately fifty women who served as either principal or assistant keeper in Michigan lighthouses. They inspired me to brin…

Honour The Deposits

Transformation Conference was attended by many. There were believers and unbelievers alike. I gained much information, Below you will find a graphic. Do you find yourself?
Characteristics of a person with animosity:
Man of War (anger) Judgement Revelation Servant Faith
Characteristics of a person with passivity
Man of Peace Mercy Wisdom Kingship Works
I am a mixture of both.  Which characteristic are you? Remember to honour the deposits in ourselves and others.

Empire's End (Jerry B. Jenkins)

"Empire's End"  portrays the life of Apostle Paul highlighting his struggles and his freedom. No matter what the reader is going through, they will be able to get into Paul's story. This book is written in first person from the Biblical account of Paul. The genre of `Empire's End` is historical fiction, written especially for those who want to know more about Saint Paul.               Author Jerry B. Jenkins has written a clear-cut view of Saint Paul. The reader may wish to read this book slowly, and then read it again to fully digest it. The author begins this book three weeks before Paul's conversion on the Damascus Road, then throughout the novel we follow Paul's footsteps. This would be a great book for the reader who would like to know more about the Apostle Paul's life, is a history buff, or readers in a book club, or studying theology.
Author Bio:
Jerry B. Jenkins is a New-York Times best-selling novelist (Left Behind Series) and biographer (B…

What's On My Nightstand?

Photo Credit: Michelle 
I have seen `What's on my Nightstand` meme around blogland. Since I don't know who to give credit to, their won't be a link for them.
The above picture doesn't do justice to the amount of books I own. It doesn't include over 1,000 on my Kindle. I know I won't ever be able to read them all. But, it sure feels nice having them all categorized.
Now, what's on my nightstand?
Anonymous Bible Study (Cindi Wood)
Too Blessed for This Mess (Cindi Wood)
My Heart Stood Still (Lori Copeland)
The Power of a Woman's Words (workbook & study guide)

Do other women see you as a safe haven?

Author encourages readers to seek out authentic relationships with women of all ages. 
Seattle: With 232 million people using Twitter every month and more than 1.3 billion people on Facebook last year, it’s safe to say we live in an incredibly “connected” world. Yet with hundreds of friends and loved ones just a click away on social media or a text away on the phone, why do so many women feel isolated and alone? With ladies longing for meaningful connections to help them grow in their faith and find emotional wholeness, now is the perfect time for Pamela Havey Lau’s new book, A Friend in Me: How to be a Safe Haven for Other Women (David C Cook/June 1, 2015/ ISBN: 978-1434708649/ $15.99). Women today also crave relational connection with women who are further ahead of them on their journey. So many want mentors, guides and role models to whom they can bring their accomplishments and failures to feel affirmed, mutually respected and understood. In A Friend in Me, Lau shows women how to…

Reading Trends for 2015

What am I reading/reviewing in summer 2015?
Flash (Rachel Anne Ridge)
No Fear in Love (Andy Braner)
A Trip around the Sun  (Batterson & Foth)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Beth K Vogt)
Praying Upside Down (Kelly O'Dell Stanley)

Interview: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Bestselling author Kim Vogel Sawyer believes in the power of second chances- a theme she's captured with poignant grace in her new book `When Grace Sings` (WaterBrook Press/March 17, 2015/ISBN: 978-0307731333/ $14.99) which follows the CBA bestseller When Mercy Rains in The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy. Sawyer says the series is based on one simple truth: “God gives second chances. We as humans make our mistakes, we flounder and err and build walls that seem insurmountable,” Sawyer reveals. “When we confess our wrongdoings and ask God to redeem us, He brings restoration.” When Grace Sings introduces readers to Alexa Zimmerman who has relocated to Arborville, KS, where she’s converting her grandmother’s farmhouse in Old Order Mennonite country into a bed-and-breakfast. Inspired by her own experience of running a B&B, Sawyer was able to depict perfectly the charm and challenges she details in the book.
Q: When Grace Sings explores second chances in life. Why do you believe sec…

Review: When Grace Sings

"When Grace Sings" is a novel about the Old Order Mennonites. Steven Brungardt inherits farmland he does not want. Briley Forrester is the smart-alecky protagonist, a tabloid editor, and he's trying to win the heart of the Mennonites. Alexa Zimmerman hosts a Bed and Breakfast where she serves peach/pecan pie. YUM!
               A favorite pastime of mine is to read about the Amish or Mennonites. Sometimes I dream of what it might have looked like to live as one or the other. What would it look like to live without the conveniences of modern society? I learned that Amish women wear solid-color dresses and the Mennonite women wear floral-patterned dresses.
              Author Kim Vogel Sawyer did a great job introducing each character. However, I didn't like how the novel jumped from character to character. The author did title each section with the characters name; but I just couldn't get into the novel. So, I must admit I did not finish the book. I may recommen…

Review: The Proposal at Siesta Key

`The Proposal at Siesta Key` opens with author Shelley Shepard Gray's depiction of Pinecraft, Fl. The reader is destined to feel at home while following the places portrayed in the novel. It is the second in a series, "Amish Brides of Pinecraft, Fl."
               This second novel had some unexpected twists and turns I was not expecting. Shelley Gray considers some serious issues; such as death of a loved one. However, I believe, in some ways, this novel could help heal the reader of inner turmoil from the past. This is my opinion, not necessarily that of the author.
                I love author Shelley Gray's writing style, which I believe may validate her personality. Her writing flows naturally from pen to paper.  Both novels inhabit Pinecraft, Fl.; which may be unusual for the Amish to reside. They are each great reading material. I highly recommend the reader digest both books in order; which is to the readers advantage. Also, I would only recommend the serie…

"Equiping the Saints"

Dear Bloggy Friends:

       I am so `Pumped`!!   Athens is having a `Transformed` Conference. Just 15 minutes from where I live. Christine Wyrtzen (Daughters of Promise) will be one of the many speakers in Athens, Ga. (June 19 & 20)

Usually these types of conferences are in Atlanta! I do not drive in ATL. Read: Do Not. So I wouldn't be able to attend. There will be top-named speakers; including Dr. Mel Blackaby, Christine Wyrtzen, Cindi Wood, Pastor Kevin Daniel, and Dr. David Holt.  Just 15 minutes from my home. WooHoo!! Yes, I am going. I signed up early so I could be under the teachings of Christine Wyrtzen. I've only heard of a couple of the speakers> I'm sure they'll all be awesome!

Meet Christine Wyrtzen: Daughters of Promise
Meet Dr. Mel Blackaby: FBC Jonesboro
Meet Cindi Wood: Frazzled Female
Meet Moderator:  Pastor Kevin Daniel
Meet: Pastor (Dr.) David Holt

More Info:

Online Registration:

On-Site Registration: On-site registr…

Are You a Grammar Nerd?

Disclaimer: Thanks to Nickolas Baron, Online Partnerships Team Member (Grammarly), for supplying me with the information for this post.  This post is linked to `The Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd`
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