Review: Halo Found Hope

Dog Ear Publishing
December 11, 2014
ISBN: 9781457531330

              `Halo Found Hope` is the memoir of Helo Matzelle and how she found hope through faith in God. Helo had surgery, at age 46, for a rare brain tumor. Miracles occurred during the surgery and afterward.
               My thoughts while reading author Helo Metzelle's memoir was that Helo appears to be a woman who loves God. She isn't much different from the reader, but has a deepened awareness of the love of God. This is shown by her frequent use of scripture throughout the book.
               Helo includes a notes page, at the back of the book, where the reader can observe the list of scripture used, at a glance. They are in order and placed under each chapter heading for easy reference.
               Knowing in advance that Helo survived the surgery and any possible complications from the brain tumor encouraged me and did not distract from the reality and concerns of the brain tumor.
               I found the author's own poems, dispersed throughout the book, to be evidence of God's glory and her trust in him.
               I was able to feel the author's heart as she learned the news of her rare brain tumor, and her yearning to be back with her family after the surgery. Helo also included notes written by her children about their own thoughts and feelings during this most difficult time of her life.
               Author Helo Matzelle successfully conveys Biblical truth, also asking the question, `If we only had a few minutes left with our loved ones what would we say?` (pg. 132)
                I would surely recommend `Halo Found Hope` to my friends and to readers who enjoy memoirs. A portion of the proceeds, from the purchase of this book will go to the National Brain Tumor Society.

About the author:

                      Author  Helo Matzelle's passion is helping those who face various challenges and afflictions discover where true hope is found. She resides in Redmond, WA, with her husband and their three children.

Learn more about Helo Matzelle and Halo Found Hope at and on Facebook (Helo-Matzelle) and Twitter (HaloFoundHope).

Book Trailer:

 Disclaimer: I received this novel complimentary to review.

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Sandee said…
Wow, God did have her soul. Powerful.

Have a blessed day and Easter Sunday. :)
Linda Kay said…
Enjoy your Easter weekend, girlfriend.
Dee said…
Thanks for your review, Michelle. This is the next book that I'll be reading.

Happy Easter!

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