Update: Travel The World in Books (1)


My first `Travel The World in Books` update.
The setting of our first book is in Papua, New Guinea (Asia/Oceania)

Author: David L Scovill (Missionary)

`The Amazing Danis` explains how Missionaries David and Esther Scovill came to a tribe of people, during the 1960's, who had never been reached with the Gospel of Christ. This tribe is known as the Dani tribespeople.  The book gives personal experiences of the Scovill's, as well as explaining the culture and history of the Danis. How they gave up literally everything to follow Christ. I found it to be quite an eye-opener to our Western world. We claim Jesus as Lord and Savoir, but how much are we willing to give up to follow Him? 

`The Amazing Danis` is available as print and on Kindle through Amazon

I recommend this book to Missionaries, Pastors and Laypeople.

The Republic of Yemen (Asia) is the setting of our next book.
Behind the Veils of Yemen (Audra Grace Shelby)

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Amanda Holmes said…
This story looks incredible! I will have to see if the library has it...
Michelle F said…
Amanda, my hubby & I both give it 5*
It's a long book, with chapters divided in different sections. But, it's well worth reading. Sad to say, if it weren't for `Travel The World` challenge we may not of read it. So glad we read it and learned about the Dani tribe.
This is interrsting. Books are so amazing.