Join the Odyssey Adventure Club

Looking for a safe, fun online community for your child(ren)?
Focus on the Family's Odyssey Adventure Club might be the place!
The online world could be a scary place for parents and their children.  offers a place where children can imagine, create and grow in faith.
Warning: Parents should view at their own discretion for recommended age levels.
Some of the Adventures parents may find more suitable for no younger than 8 or 12 year old's.
There are several Adventures geared for the younger ages, as well.

OAC members receive (paid membership):

Monthly Web Quests

OAC Exclusive Blog Posts

OAC Exclusive Video Stories

OAC Monthly Member eNewsletter

New Monthly Exclusives Episodes

Clubhouse Magazine Subscription (U.S., only)

Daily Devotions based on Adventures in Odyssey episodes

Other Odyssey Content (Last Chance Detectives and more!)

Unlimited streaming of Adventures in Odyssey Library
(740+ episodes) (Retail value over $1,500)

Up to (6) users can be included in the $15/month membership.
OAC is monitored by the Focus on the Family staff.

The FOTF staff read all comments before they are publicly posted on the site.
Creating a safety net for kids and giving parents confidence their children are safe.

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