For The Love of Books

My week in books:

Books won:

(1) Beyond All Dreams (Elizabeth Camden)

E-books bought (or free):

(1) The Long-Awaited Child (Tracie Peterson)

(2) Life With Lily (Mary Ann Kinsinger, Suzanne Woods Fisher)

(3) Forsaking All Others (Allison Pittman)

(4) Surrender The Heart (Book 1) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(5) Surrender The Night (Book 2) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(6) Surrender The Dawn (Book 3) (MaryLu Tyndall)

(7) Barefoot Summer (Book 1) (Denise Hunter)

(8) Twin Hearts (Book 3) (JoAnn Durgin)

(9) All God's Children (Book 1) (Anna Schmidt)

(10) The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues (Book 3)
        (Cindy Vincent)

(11) The Old-Fashioned Way (Ginger Kolbaba)

(12) The Antelope in the Living Room (Melanie Shankle)

Books bought at Going-Out-Of-Business sale:

(1) Unforgotten (Sequel to Secrets) (Kristen Heitzmann)

(2) Smitten (Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, ...)

(3) Edge of Eternity (Randy Alcorn)

(4) Angel Song (Sheila Walsh, Kathryn Cushman)

(5) Israel My Beloved (Kay Arthur)

(6) Moonlight on the Millpond (Book 1) (Lori Wick)

(7) Just Above a Whisper (Book 2) (Lori Wick)

(8) Leave a Candle Burning (Book 3) (Lori Wick)

Books Finished Reading:

(1) 30 Events That Shaped The Church (Alton Gansky)
(Review coming this week!)

Books Currently Reading:

(1) The Trouble with Patience (Maggie Brendan)

(2) Home is where My People Are (Sophie Hudson)

Recent Reviews:

(1) Mother Chicken's Eggs (Kathryn Ross)
(You can find my review here)

Has has your week been?


Sandee said…
Wow, you really scored on all those books. Awesome. I love the smell of a good book. Hubby does too. He has an e-reader, but I'm still holding a book.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Linda Kay said…
I'm migrating to eBooks, as I tend to accumulate too many. What are you going to do with all those books? I don't have time to read that many.
Michelle F said…
That's a wonderful question, Linda Kay!

The books I am currently reading a review books. Actually more have come in since I posted. They will be up sometime between now & April.

The books I bought at the Going-Out-Of-Business sale are going into my ever growing home library.

Currently I am reading ebooks to hubby as we `Travel in Books`. Presently we are reading about Missionary David Scovill and the Dani people in Papua, New Guinea.

The book I won I had a chance to review last year, but passed it up. I am so glad I have another chance to read it.


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