Please, I need your opinions...thanks

Several things have come to my attention about my blog.
Some bloggers are having problems leaving comments, or have to go through hoops just to leave one.
Others are having problems following me through GFC or G+.
I am wanting to revert my blog back to the old blogger.
I don't know what kind of problems this will cause, or how it will effect my readers. So, please, I am looking for any and all input.
I signed up to receive blog posts through e-mail and that appears to work.
I cherish my readers and want to do what works best for you.
Apparently, I can also be followed through Bloglovin`. Thanks!

Please visit Linda at Life and Linda for all things blogging...
Designs, Tutorials, and Friendly Help.

PLEASE NOTE: I have disabled my Google Plus as of now.


Marilyn said…
I love your new format. The background is easier on the eyes. I was able to leave my email address to receive your posts that way.

Everything looks great.
You are doing a super job.
Lots of love.

Anderson, SC
Michelle F said…
Marilyn, thank you for your kind comment.

Sandee said…
You are in my reader Feedly and I get notification each time you post new content.

I've not had any issues with leaving comments on your blog. You blog is just fine in my humble opinion.

Have a fabulous day. :)
Michelle F said…
Thank you so much, Sandee! xoxo
Hang in there. Don't go backwards. Stay with what you are doing, and perhaps add BlogLovin', too. You have a great blog!
Hello Michelle, I am sending you an email to address your issue.
Nanna said…
it seems by the time we learn how to do something on the blogs it changes lol!I have both google & blogger but have somehow lost the button for google & can't get it back on my blog but I'm in there lol! a lot of blogers have different ways to follow as oppossed to one which I think is a good option, thanks for always stopping by to say hello!

bj said…
You DID..?? you disabled your Google+
and you didn't fall off the face of the earth..?? Disabled or deleted?
Miss Kathy said…
Hi Michelle! I totally get your frustration with techy things and blogging. I've not had an issue in the past with you, but your new set-up is great. I share on Google+ but don't hang out there. I also am totally in the dark as to what benefits Bloglovin' is. Currently, with my book moving into marketing mode, I am on overdrive to master some of the social media stuff I allowed to fall through the cracks. It is overwhelming. But, I so appreciate readers who comment--we need feedback! However, since I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I don't get the number of comments I used to, and my readership is down. Working on recovering all that. Let me know if you want to be part of the book launch team for Mother Chicken's Eggs! I need reviewers and promoters who love God, literature, and beautiful things!
Michelle said…
Miss Kathy,

I would consider it an honor to review and promote your book. Wow! Thank you so much for your insightful information about my blog. I am sorry your readership is down. My problem is trying to figure out how to follow and stay current with the blogs I, Bloglovin, G+, Blogger.
I know I need to get better at this.

Michelle said…

I'm not sure which I did. But, I reverted back to the old Blogger and I didn't fall off the face of the earth...LOL
Amanda Holmes said…
I think it is easier to get to your blog, since it would take me through Google+ before, which was super annoying.
I like this setup better!
I was able to leave you a comment easily today. Seems to be working okay. I like Feedly the best for keeping all the people you like to follow. I don't do Google+ and many people on it are no-reply which means I can't respond to their comments.
Michelle said…
Thank you, Amanda!

I think I am somehow still connected to G+ for those who prefer that way.

I do seem to be getting more comments.
Miss Kathy said…
Oh! I want to download this to my Nook NOW! Wish I had the time to give to pleasure reading. I'd lock myself away for a day to enjoy it. You won't believe how many of these treasures I have surrounding me, tempting me to put away my work and just read, drink tea, and eat scones all day. Yeah--just enough money to pay the bills and keep me in green tea and English country house fiction and cozy mysteries. Guilty pleasures all.
Gonna totally play with the paper dolls!
Michelle said…
Miss Kathy,

I would surely join you!

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