Hodgepodge Wednesday ~ Merry Christmas

Welcome to the Christmas Hodgepodge Wednesday.
This is when Joyce asks the questions, and bloggers answer.
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(1) Time Magazine has selected The Ebola Fighters as their person of the year for 2014.  Do you agree, and if so who would you say is a close second? If you disagree with their choice, who do you think should have been chosen?

A- I think our military men and women are always in the top. We don't always hear of those who give of their very lives so we can have the freedom(s) we have.

(2) This question comes to you courtesy of Susan who blogs over at Stew Mama Says. She knows we have a wedding happening any minute now, and she asks, `What's your favorite - something old? something new? something borrowed? something blue in your home?` Be sure you hope over and say hi to Susan today.

A- something old? I have a plastic walrus my dad bought me many years ago, when I was in 6th grade. During that year he would take me out to breakfast before dropping me off at school. I spotted this walrus at the restaurant check-out and wanted it. I am actually surprised I still have it since I was always so good at losing things.

something new? I won a new shadow box for my kitchen that has a picture of an apron in it, and written on the inside of the box is `Now Serving ~ Love and Laughter`. I won it while playing the white elephant game this year (2014) at a Christmas party.

something borrowed? The only thing I can think of is a book I borrowed. I'm usually giving things away instead of borrowing for myself.

something blue? I have a beautiful blue robe, that is very comfortable, that I wear every winter. If I'm not wearing it our cat is curled up on it.

(3) Fudge - yay or nay? Your favorite flavor? Do you make it yourself? With nuts or without?

A- I love fudge! It's really rich so I can only eat a little at a time. My favorite flavor is chocolate. The last flavor I made was a mix of chocolate and peanut butter. I like pecans in my fudge. In fact, I rarely eat chocolate without some kind of nut.

(4) December 17th is Wright Brothers Day, commemorating the first successful flights made by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. How old were you when you made your first flight? Do you like to fly? Have you ever been to Kitty Hawk or other parts of the North Carolina Outer Banks?

A- I was a young teen when I went on my first flight and yes, I love to fly. My first flight was on a trick plane, which I enjoyed. I have been on other small plane flights, but never on a huge passenger plane. I have never been to Kitty Hawk or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, we did live in the foothills of North Carolina.

(5) Do the people in your family tend to follow a particular career path, and if so what's the path?

A- If you are talking about my immediate family - no. Our son's are all different and therefore choosing different paths. Looks like none of our son's are following in their dad's footsteps either. However, as a close second, we have many close relatives who have either served, or are serving, in the military, including an uncle who was a Merchant Marine.

(6) What is the one thing you absolutely, positively must accomplish today?

A- Since we buy our groceries on Friday's, I must write out our grocery list for next week including what we will eat on Christmas Day.

(7) This Christmas I hope all (3) of our guy's know and understand the true meaning of Christmas. That if they don't have assurance of salvation in their hearts, this will be the time and year.

(8) Insert your own random thought here.


Sandee said…
I agree about the military.

I also love fudge, in small amounts, and it has to have nuts. It's not fudge without nuts.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Linda Kay said…
Thanks for your lovely answers, Michelle. I'm wondering if we could get your walrus for my hubby's walrus collection...it would be a rare addition! Just kidding. And please thank your family for their years of service. I'm in awe of those who serve.
I love that song you shared ... Not surprising as I'm a fan of Jamie Grace. ;-)

Since there will be no Hodgepodge next week, wishing you and your family a blessed Cheistmas!
Joyce said…
I like the song too. And the walrus story. Funny how we get attached to things that are seemingly small, but loom large in our memory. Merry Christmas!
Michelle F said…
Yes, I cherish that little walrus.
Especially now that my dad has passed, it's a bit of my dad I still have. As well as an item I gave him years ago that he kept til his death.
Nikki Scatchard said…
Hello! I love the walrus story. How cute! I have a very old stuffed cat I have no idea who gave it to me but I've always held on to it. I am not a nut person with chocolate. I don't know why.. Happy Holidays to you!
Have a healthy merry Christmas.
I enjoyed your hodgepodge answers and was sad that I had to miss out on the hodgepodge this time. It's always so much fun. I try not to eat fudge, but if I do, it has to be dark chocolate with pecans or walnuts. Willpower is weak this time of year. Lol. Have a blessed Christmas!

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