Sunday Praise (18)

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Sandee said…
I like your music. All your videos are so nice.

Have a blessed weekend. ☺
Michelle F said…
Thank you, Sandee!

Have a great weekend!
Linda Kay said…
I saw in the paper this week that Oak Hills Church here in Fredericksburg will have Max Lucado by video feed starting in December about Christmas. He is just the best!
Michelle F said…
Hi, Linda Kay!

That is wonderful.
He is such a great man of God.
I have several of his books and have given some to our prison ministry.

I was letting some ladies at our church borrow some. One of the ladies is 92, of sound mind, and she borrowed `Fearless`. It meant so much to her.

bj said…
So nice, Michelle...hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.
Michelle F said…
Thanks, bj

Happy Thanksgiving!

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