Review: Where Treetops Glisten

List Price: 14.99
ISBN: 9781601426482
Binding: Paperback
Release: September 16, 2014
Fiction/Christian/ Romance

            " Where Treetops Glisten"  is a set of three stories, written by three different authors, intertwining the courage and romance of the Turner family during WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941, almost a year before the first book takes place.
            "White Christmas" (Cara Putman) , the first book in the set, begins on October 29, 1942, in Lafayette, Indiana. One of the main characters, Jackson Lucas, has moved from the Lucas farm to Lafayette to work in a puzzle factory in an effort to save the family farm. I wish the author would have expounded more on the farm.
              The other main character, Abigail Turner, is a pleasant girl who lives with her father, mother and grandmother. Her sister, Merry, is away at nursing school and her brother, Pete, is training to be a fighter pilot. Abigail is a college student who works part time as a candy maker. She has known sickness, accidents and death, so she is wondering if it is too risky to fall in love.
             "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (Sarah Sundin), the second book in the set, introduces Abigail's brother Pete. The year is now 1943 and Pete is home on furlough.
              Also introduced are Grace and her daughter Linnie. Grace knew Pete when they were in school, when he was a cruel boy. All Grace can remember was Pete's behavior before he enlisted in the military. Once he returns home she wonders if she can trust him. Does she believe God can change people?
             I could relate to the character Linnie. She reminded me of myself as a child. I loved exploring and meeting new people. My mom would worry about me just as Linnie's mom did about her.
            "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Tricia Goyer), the last book in the set, focuses on Merry Turner in the Netherlands. It is now December 1944; Merry is a nurse caring for both American and German soldiers. It saddens me knowing D-Day had just happened this same year. It was a bit frightening when one of the injured German soldiers, Merry was caring for, jumped from his mat presenting a gun.
            I was familiar with author Tricia Goyer, having read her book "Chasing Mona Lisa". This was my first introduction to Cara Putman and Sarah Sundin. I felt the three authors collaborated well together, giving this book 5* out of 5*.
            There were some surprising, unexpected twists in this compilation of heart-warming books. I believe the over-all message of this book was that miracles can happen, dreams do come true.
            To make this a special book for a book club, there is a reader's guide in the back as well as four cookie recipes.

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