Sunday Praise (12)

I am linking up with Spiritual Sundays.


Sandee said…
Have a blessed day and weekend. ☺
Michelle F said…
Thanks Sandee!!

Blessings to you :)
Lisa notes... said…
I love Hillsong. I haven't heard this song so I'm glad to learn it here!

"My heart
Is Your home
Jesus let Your love take hold"
Grantham Lynn said…
You always come up with something new. I love this. We use some Hillsong recordings on Sunday.
Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for visiting my Cat napped post. It is totally true! He was gone for weeks. Our near neighbors and maintenance men were looking for us. We were glad when he came home. You've inspired me to right a post on moving with your cat(s). We've done it very successfully many times! Thanks for the comment.
Have a great week.
Michelle F said…

Please do write a post on how to successfully move with cat(s).
Our boys have lost some beloved cats each time we've moved. xoxoxo