Top Ten Authors I Own Most Books Of

It's Top Ten Day at The Broke and the Bookish. Today we list our top ten authors.
So, as I sit I wonder if I should also choose books from my Kindle.

I would love to hear about your top ten authors you own the most books of.
Did you include Kindle books? Paperback books? Hardback books? Nook books?

I'll only be listing my Kindle books today. It's taking me longer than I thought.

(1) Karen Kingsbury ~ 13 books

(2) Tracie Peterson ~ 10 books

(3) Jane Austen ~ 9 books

(4) Lynn Austen ~ 9 books

(5) Jerry B. Jenkins ~ 6 books

(6) Max Lucado ~ 6 books

(7) Beth Moore ~ 6 books

(8) T. D. Jakes ~ 5 books

(9) Catherine Palmer ~ 5 books

(10) Kay Marshall Strom ~ 5 books

I am linking up today with Top Ten Tuesday @ The Broke and the Bookish.
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Pamela said…
Well, what a cool list! I never thought to do this, but Beth Moore, Henri Nouwen and Francine Rivers would probably be my top 3. Your last name is new to me. I'll have to check it out. ~Pamela
Sandy Farmer said…
Jane Austen made my list too. My mom has read a lot of Karen Kingsbury! Nice list!

Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
Michelle F said…
Hi Sandy, Thanks for stopping by.
Michelle F said…
Hi Pamela, The only book I've read from Kay Strom is `The Faith of Ashish`
Grantham Lynn said…
Great authors! Isn't the idea of books a day great! So since you don't have grandkids you have time to buy the books! I think about it every year and don't get it done and I have three grandkids! Thanks for coming by and the sweet comment!
Melanie said…
Jane Austen! I love her books. Persuasion is my favorite.
bookskeepmesane said…
I haven't read the books of the authors you mentioned here but I've heard of Jane Austen. Everyone seems to love her works, I think I should give her books a try :D
my top ten tuesday:
I have a couple Jane Austen's but other than that I haven't read any of these authors but heard great things about Karen Kingsbury and Max Lucado.
Bluerose said…
I have a few books by some of those authors(that I need to read). Jan Karon grabs my #1 spot, I think. Anne Elisabeth Stengl and Sandra Byrd are on the list, too.
JoyAnne said…
Several of these are new to me, I'll head on over to Amazon and check them out!

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