Sunday Praise (1)

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bj said…
Beautiful...have a wonderful Sunday and coming week.
Michelle F said…
Thanks bj!

I'll be by to visit :)
Awesome song, thank you for sharing and God Bless!
My first comment may not have gone through. Awesome song, thank you for sharing and God Bless!
Michelle F said…
Debby, Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great Lord's Day!!
Michelle F said…
Debby, I just found your first comment.
It didn't show up in my e-mail.
It was on my dashboard, tho
Grantham Lynn said…
Beautiful song. I love it! We had a beautiful morning in worship. I am behind on posts since yesterday! Just catching up on comments. Thanks for coming by!
Have a wonderful week,
Michelle F said…
Hi Grantham Lynn,

I always love a special time of worship.

Today's sermon was on the book of Habakkuk.
We went over all 3 chapters and rejoiced over 3:18-19.
We win!!
Candace Creates said…
What an awesome, empowering way to end my Sunday! Thanks for this, Michelle :). I hope you had a blessed weekend!
Michelle F said…
Thanks, Candace!

Have a wonderful, God-filled week!

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