Safety Equipment Every Home Needs

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I tend to think of my home as comfortable, with a lived in feeling, but is it safe?
The last Monday - Friday in August is `Safe At Home Week`.
It's that week to really go through your house making it safe for everyone.
Why not challenge yourself, family and friends to fix as many potentially dangerous things as possible around your house.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
(these are just a few ideas, I'm sure there are many more)
(1)  Smoke Detectors: These have a loud beeping noise that alert you of smoke inside your house.
Install one near the kitchen, bedrooms and at least one on every floor in your house.
(2) Fire Extinguisher: To use when you have a small fire in your house. They should be placed within easy reach, such as near doors or along hallways.
(3) An Escape Plan: Sometimes a fire is spreading much too fast to put it out yourself. A plan allows you to plan your escape route. A fire drill, using the plan, should be practiced at least twice a year.
Be sure to select the right fire equipment for your home and purpose.
(4) Add safety locks to cabinets with chemicals (also put chemicals up high):  To help keep children out
(5) Help prevent crime: Make sure doors are locked at night.
Invest in a deadbolt for your front door (it's harder to pick)
(6) If you plan to be away: turn down the ringer on your phone.
 You may also want to leave a radio softly playing in the background.

**Disclaimer: These are only my suggestions. I am in no way saying I am a professional.
You may or may not agree with me. Please do what works for you and your family, and your situation.
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F.Rai said…
If the fire you are tackling involves electrical equipment such as computers then it is vital that you use an extinguisher that is designed for that very purpose.